How to find self motivation || 8 ways to refresh yourself

Losing self-motivation is very easy to do when you are overwhelmed with lists of things to get done or do. I have lost self-motivation several times in the last year and I have come up with many different ways of how I refreshed and rebooted myself every time. I am going to share 8 ofContinue reading “How to find self motivation || 8 ways to refresh yourself”

To the Girl who is Balancing College and Work

Nobody said it would be easy. College is not easy and some days at work are not easy. In sixth grade you have teachers trying to prepare you for middle school. Trying to help you get a feel for how the bell system works for changing classes, typing faster for notes (because “no” teacher willContinue reading “To the Girl who is Balancing College and Work”

To the Girl who Finally is Happy

You did it, girl. You are finally happy. You feel like you can breathe and smile at the same time again. After all those longs nights of sitting alone in your room, letting your mind run wild, has come to an end. You have a clear clean slate of happiness that has never felt soContinue reading “To the Girl who Finally is Happy”