How to find self motivation || 8 ways to refresh yourself

Losing self-motivation is very easy to do when you are overwhelmed with lists of things to get done or do. I have lost self-motivation several times in the last year and I have come up with many different ways of how I refreshed and rebooted myself every time. I am going to share 8 of these ways with you all to help and try to refresh your self-motivation with whatever it is you are currently struggling with.

#8 Remind yourself that the past is the past

Whenever I start to feel sluggish with finding motivation to do things that I need to do, it usually has something to do with what is on my mind. This can be because of a past relationship where something bad has happened or even from failing at something that you wanted to succeed in. The past can play a major role in your mindset causing anxiety and depression leading to losing all self-motivation, only if you let it.  This is when you need to sit down and remind yourself that the past does not define who you are and what you are worth. As soon as I start feeling a little bit of anxiety from thinking about the past, I instantly stop and remind myself that, that was the past and is not now.

#7 Ask yourself the question of ‘Why?’

Why do you let yourself believe that you are not good enough? Why do you always go back and compare everything to the past? Why can’t you just get up and do the things you need to do? These are all the questions I have been asked and couldn’t answer. Answering these questions is not the hard part but living in these questions are. Every single one of the questions I listed above I had constantly going through my mind when I had no self-motivation, and it’s like you are stuck on a terrible carousel ride and you can’t get off. Finding a way to answer these questions is the only way to move on from them, and to do this you need to be honest to yourself and let your feelings out. Accepting your ‘Why’ is one of the first steps in finding self-motivation again because it frees your mindset and gives you the opportunity to start over.

#6 Treat Yourself

Amazon is truly a girl’s best friend… Sometimes something new is good for the soul and heart. With the pandemic we have going on right now I don’t suggest going to the mall and splurging all your money from the last two weeks, but maybe ordering something small off amazon can make you smile. One time I ordered a matching bandana and scrunchie for my pup and I, and it made my whole week and made me smile and forget everything that went wrong that week. Treating yourself doesn’t have to cost money either, you could eat your favorite ice cream that you have in the freezer that you worked so hard for, or maybe binge watch your favorite Netflix show for a day. It could literally be anything just as long as you enjoy it.

#5 Take a self-care day/morning/evening

This by far is my favorite tip I have for you guys in finding your self motivation again. There is nothing better or more relaxing than spending the evening by yourself in a candle lit bathroom with a steaming hot bath running and a glass of wine in your hand. Taking time for self-care is so important and I can’t stress it enough because this is where you do all the reflecting of yourself for that day or even week. Take a self-care day once a week at least just to reflect on your progress and to kind of let all your thoughts and expressions out, to be able to reset your mind.

#4 Find your Faith again

This tip is the base of self-motivation that I have for you guys. If you don’t have some sort of Faith or Religion in your life, then you are putting everything that you have in your mind on yourself all the time. When I feel overwhelmed, I am able to sit down and talk to God and tell him how I feel and what is going on and what I am lost about in life. I am able to ask Him for guidance and strength to get through the tough times, and I am also able to thank him for the good days. This to me is the base of how I found my self-motivation again and how I am able to rely on His presence to help me push through the hard times.

#3 Start a new hobby

Starting a new hobby for example like painting, drawing, or even journaling can be a refresher from life. Being able to sit down for an hour and just solely focus on your hobby can make you feel productive and energetic. I personally journal all the time and I journal anything from my thoughts, prayers, and even To-Do lists for the following days. I started this new hobby at the beginning of the year, and it has made my mind at ease because I am not constantly trying to remember what I have to get done for the day or what I have left to do for the week. It also motivates me because I can see what I have to do and being able to cross it off my list, kickstarts my self-motivation to finish it.

#2 Change a routine/start a new one

With this tip I am focusing completely on a workout routine. I am not saying you have to go balls to the walls in cardio but just a 45-minute slow walk can make a mindset difference. I am a runner and anytime I am stressed, or my mind is stuck in a rut, I go for a run. If you already have some sort of a workout routine in your life, try adding a new routine of some sort to freshen up your daily life. For example, a new morning/night skincare routine, your diet, drinking water, cutting out social media for an hour of the day, you could literally do anything as long as it makes you feel refreshed and different.

#1 Make Goals

I saved the best for last because to me this is what as completely changed my life. Making a list of Goals for yourself and putting it in a place where you will see it every day is key. I have a list of Goals for myself for a year and then for 5 years, and whenever I hit a goal, I celebrate it. Any goal hitting or even small goal hitting needs to be celebrated because it’s an accomplishment that you worked hard for. Nothing makes me more self-motivated then looking at my goal list and telling myself that, that is where I am going to be at in a year. Not ‘try’ to be at but ‘will’ be at. As weird as it sounds, talk to yourself and talk yourself up because at the end of the day, your biggest supporter is yourself.

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Hi, my beauties! I just wanted to share with you all a little background of my life and how Prairie Rose Lifestyle came about. I am born and raised in Nebraska and a die-hard Husker fan for life. My parents live out on a farm with a pet pig, 5 dogs, 1 cat, many chickens, and my little sister hahaha. I now live with my boyfriend of two years in a town about 10 minutes from my parent's house. We have two Australian Shepherds (Maggie, 10) and (Callie, 1) and they keep us running. In high school, I started a blog called "The Imperfect Cheerleader" that was focused on my deformed arm and challenges/motivation it brought to me. I then went to college for Nursing and stopped blogging, however, I ended up switching majors to Medical Science and decided to start a new blog. I have always had a passion for blogging and being inspirational for others. I hope you all enjoy Prairie Rose Lifestyle and find it motivational and inspirational.

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