Hey Everyone! I recently created this youtube Channel in addition to my blog for those of you who would prefer to watch videos. I will be doing weekly videos as of right now, that is all I have time for in my life, and maybe surprise videos every now and again. I haven’t worked all the corks and screws out yet with filming and blog posting, but I will get there. I would love for all of you to go check out my very first video, and of course don’t forget to comment, like and subscribe to show support! New blog post coming this week!

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Hi, my beauties! I just wanted to share with you all a little background of my life and how Prairie Rose Lifestyle came about. I am born and raised in Nebraska and a die-hard Husker fan for life. My parents live out on a farm with a pet pig, 5 dogs, 1 cat, many chickens, and my little sister hahaha. I now live with my boyfriend of two years in a town about 10 minutes from my parent's house. We have two Australian Shepherds (Maggie, 10) and (Callie, 1) and they keep us running. In high school, I started a blog called "The Imperfect Cheerleader" that was focused on my deformed arm and challenges/motivation it brought to me. I then went to college for Nursing and stopped blogging, however, I ended up switching majors to Medical Science and decided to start a new blog. I have always had a passion for blogging and being inspirational for others. I hope you all enjoy Prairie Rose Lifestyle and find it motivational and inspirational.

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