To the Girl who is Balancing College and Work

Nobody said it would be easy. College is not easy and some days at work are not easy. In sixth grade you have teachers trying to prepare you for middle school. Trying to help you get a feel for how the bell system works for changing classes, typing faster for notes (because “no” teacher will stop and repeat it), how to prioritize your time, and how important it is for you to join every single sport (because thats just what you do) oh.. and don’t forget every extracurricular activity too. When middle school rolls around you feel overwhelmed and scared. It kind of makes you nervous for high school but also excited at the same time excited because you only have four years to go. When you reach your senior year of high school everything turns to realization and decision making of what to do with the rest of your life. You have a resume to make, scholarships to fill out and pray you get, lists of University’s, State Colleges and Community colleges to pick, and numerous choices of majors and minors. I could go on and on. You never have a break in that final year of high school to sit down and breathe, just to take it all in. Some may know right away what they want to do, and some don’t decide until they make it to college and get a feel for things. There is no wrong or right way to do all of this and that is what most seniors don’t understand. You have pressure on your shoulders to pick the best college and the most successful major.

“Some people get an education without going to college. The rest get it after they get out.”

Mark Twain

When you finally graduate high school and get to college, life comes at you like a rocket. You realize how much money it costs to be at the place your studying, and to just even be out in the world on your own. Some are fortunate enough to not have to worry about finances for college, but the majority debate their education on if they have enough finances to make it through even a semester. This is where scholarships, financial aid and student loans come in to play, but that still might and most likely not be enough. Therefore, you are obligated to go out and get a job to help support your education, living expenses and the occasional caramel frappé. This is where life gets hard, stressful, and overwhelming. Trying to balance homework, your job, and social life seems impossible, but it is doable. To the girl who found the corky routine of how to balance all of this, you rock. There is no sort of guide you can read or a person that could tell you how to balance college and work. You have to experience it and have many trial and errors, probably more then you want. You may have cried several nights in a row thinking about dropping out or quitting your job, but you didn’t. You found a way to make it all work. You prioritized your wants and needs, and created some idea of a routine to follow to make it through. You did that. You did that all on your own, and that is something many can’t do. You rock, girl.

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Hi, my beauties! I just wanted to share with you all a little background of my life and how Prairie Rose Lifestyle came about. I am born and raised in Nebraska and a die-hard Husker fan for life. My parents live out on a farm with a pet pig, 5 dogs, 1 cat, many chickens, and my little sister hahaha. I now live with my boyfriend of two years in a town about 10 minutes from my parent's house. We have two Australian Shepherds (Maggie, 10) and (Callie, 1) and they keep us running. In high school, I started a blog called "The Imperfect Cheerleader" that was focused on my deformed arm and challenges/motivation it brought to me. I then went to college for Nursing and stopped blogging, however, I ended up switching majors to Medical Science and decided to start a new blog. I have always had a passion for blogging and being inspirational for others. I hope you all enjoy Prairie Rose Lifestyle and find it motivational and inspirational.

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